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Beth Cliett, executive director at Life Care Center of Charleston, South Carolina, recently celebrated 25 years with Life Care Centers of America.


Twenty-two of those years have been with Life Care Center of Charleston, starting when the building opened in 1994. She took three years away from the building to serve the company as a regional vice president but then chose to return to the facility.


“I had a wonderful experience as a regional, but I really enjoyed having a home base, and I missed Charleston,” said Cliett.


Cliett’s experience in nursing facilities started even earlier, when she was 17 and became a nursing assistant. She pursued her RN and worked her way up to a director of nursing position before earning her administrator’s license.


“I’m happy to have walked in many different shoes,” said Cliett. “That helps me relate to our associates in different roles.”


Over the years, Cliett has seen many changes in health care, and she lists regulatory and reimbursement changes as the most challenging to keep up with. The heart of her job, however, has not changed.


“Our focus on resident care has always stayed the same,” Cliett said. “If a resident has a need, then it’s our highest priority to meet that need. And it’s a blessing to help them.”


Cliett added that serving at Life Care Center of Charleston in particular has also been a blessing to her as she has been able to build real relationships with residents and associates. Under her leadership, much of the facility’s staff has been working at the building for many years. And every time there has been a hurricane, she has watched the team come together to prepare the residents and the building for the storm.


“I love the interaction with the residents and associates, watching people come together to accomplish things,” said Cliett. “I love coming to work every day.”


When Cliett celebrated her work anniversary on Feb. 7, 2019, her staff brought her flowers and cards and a cake, and residents stopped by her office throughout the day to offer their congratulations.