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When Diane Fleming fell and fractured her left arm, she needed rehabilitation.


On July 15, 2019, Fleming came to Life Care Center of Charleston, South Carolina, for physical and occupational therapies. She was wearing a cervical collar because of her injuries in the fall, and she needed extensive assistance with daily tasks that used her arms, such as bathing and getting dressed, and moderate help with mobility because of pain and dizziness.


“I was down and out,” Fleming shared.


Therapists started working with Fleming on self-care training and helping her get in and out of bed. They also helped her get back to bathing, dressing and bed mobility and worked on strengthening exercises and activities to improve her balance, coordination, range of motion and endurance.


“They have excellent therapists,” Fleming added. “Therapy helped me so much. Good stay and good care.”


Fleming was able to return home on Sept. 29, independent in her mobility and self-care again.


“We are all very proud of Ms. Diane,” said Dana Gray, occupational therapist. “She worked so hard in therapy, was always open to feedback and suggestions. She came a long way.”