Life Care Centers of America’s Whatever It Takes And Then Some program honors associates who go beyond their job descriptions in caring for residents, their families and fellow associates. Here are three of the inspiring stories from our October 2015 winners:


JoAnn Heck, a licensed practical nurse at Life Care Center of Charleston, South Carolina, took extra time to educate a resident and his wife when the resident received doctor’s orders to be on insulin just as he was preparing to go home. Heck then gave the couple her personal cell phone number so they could call her with questions. When they called for help the next day, Heck went to their home, went over the process fully again and gave them written instructions for each procedure in layman’s terms. The wife said that Heck was truly an angel.


Niccole Bove, activity aide at Life Care Center of Post Falls, Idaho, had finished reading a portion of the Bible to a resident who is mostly non-communicative when she started talking to him. Though he didn’t respond, she could tell he was listening. She then had an idea. “If you can hear me, raise your right hand.” The resident raised his right hand. She then said, “If you liked what I read to you from the Bible, raise your left hand.” He then raised his left hand. Bove proceeded to have a conversation with the resident, and she could tell he was enjoying the communication. She eagerly shared her discovery with the aides and nurses, and they were able to communicate better with him.


Dee Dee Deyo, therapy aide at Lakeside Health Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, comes in on her time off to cut and color a resident’s hair who only wants her to do it. She sometimes brings patients to the therapy room and plays music for them while she cleans and then plays a game with them when she is finished. She took a patient to temple on her own time after hours because it was really important to him and he didn’t have anyone to take him.